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Spelling strategies

Hardwicke school teaches a wide range of spelling strategies which help our children to learn to spell.

Here are some of the No nonsense spelling strategies we use.

Number Bonds

Number bonds are simply pairs of numbers that add up to a certain number. For example, the number bonds that add up to 10 are 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5. We practise number bonds regularly as timed mental arithmetic exercises, introducing subtraction, multiplication and division as the children progress up the coloured sheets.

Here are the number bond sheets which are used in the juniors for the children to practise at home.


Maths help

Kangaroo Maths Kenny’s Pouch - times tables practise - learn your times tables facts and test your speed with these great resources, written by an inspirational Gloucestershire teacher.


Woodlands Junior School

Woodlands Junior School in Kent also have some excellent resources for parents and children to help with maths topics, literacy and project work.

Note: some of the links are to American sites and some also contain adverts.

Woodlands Maths Zone - lots of maths games for number, shape, data, measure and investigations

Woodlands Y6 SATs maths help - Practice SATs questions

Make your own worksheets - you decide what sums you do and how many you answer

Telling the time - a clever 'worksheet generator' to create and print out clock face problems

Maths Fun - some good maths method explanations (extends beyond primary level)


English help

Woodlands Literacy Zone - fun spelling, grammar and punctuation games, stories and much more

Visuwords - Online Graphical Dictionary

Spellings - Spelling tests and online games increase your vocabulary and even help you learn your spellings! Just type (or cut and paste) your spellings in, and a voice will test you!


Topic help

Woodlands Homework help - look here for topics such as Romans, Tudors, Ancient Greece, India, River Severn, WW2, Vikings, Science, Art, RE......