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Class RA Easter Gardens
This week we linked our RE session to forest school. The children have been learning the Easter story and are beginning to recognise significant Christian symbols used during Holy Week. Our forest leader Mrs Mills showed us some impressive knotting skills as she helped us to make crosses for our Easter gardens.

EYFS Science Week
Our 'mini' scientists enjoyed our investigations and experiments this week. Did you know you can make a rainbow with sweets and water? We had to run a test afterwards to make sure the sweets still tasted the same! We all had a fantastic time inside the planetarium finding out all about shapes in space. The graphics were fabulous and the children were transfixed as they experienced the awe and wonder in space.

EYFS & Y1 Fun For Comic Relief
EYFS joined Yr1 for a fun filled day in aid of Comic Relief. The four classes mixed together throughout the day and enjoyed arts and crafts, dancing and icing bonkers biscuits. There was a see of red as we danced our way through playtime knowing we had raised money for good causes. Thank you parents for your donations.

Class RA Forest Fun!
Our last two weeks in forest school have seen mud, mud glorious mud and we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and creating our own land art.

World Book Day 2019 Class RA & 6W
Class RA arrived with their favourite books. They enjoyed a day of reading, celebrating authors, illustrators and most importantly fostering a love of reading! In the afternoon we paired up with the Y6 pupils in class 6W and enjoyed listening and reading to each other. School has now started the 200 million minutes reading challenge!

Shrove Tuesday in EYFS
In R.E. today we have been learning about Lent. We found out that Pancake Day is also called Shrove Tuesday. Did you know that Shrove Tuesday is always the Tuesday before Lent begins. We now know that Lent is a time when Christians are getting ready for Easter. We enjoyed yummy pancakes for our snack time and had fun running pancake races!

Freddie Fox's Forest Frolics!
Class RA were so excited today as it was our first forest school session in the beautiful February sunshine! Our forest leader Mrs Mills introduced us to Freddie Fox. He is teaching us how to stay safe in forest school. We have to remember NO pick, NO lick and BE CAREFUL with that stick! We enjoyed exploring the forest area and had a fun filled afternoon collaging our forest journey, making tree rubbings and being inquisitive environmental detectives! We used our imagination and made a new home for Freddie Fox as well as spotting lots of creepy crawlies which linked in nicely with our topic ‘In the Garden’. We can’t wait for next week's session!

EYFS Sharing the Love!
This Valentines week we have been sharing the love! We enjoyed the text Frog in Love which gave us the message that whatever our differences Jesus teaches us to love each other just like the duck and frog in the story. The children were VERY excited when we took time out to make Valentine’s fudge and rice krispie treats. It was a wonder either made it home as it was so tempting for the children to eat the ingredients, they showed a great deal of self control! Mrs Arinze and Mrs Bevan were in fits of giggles when they asked the children how they could turn the treats pink, some of the responses were rose petals, ketchup, jam and flamingo feathers…….no need to worry we used food colouring. We asked the children to give one treat to someone they love and keep one treat for themselves, we would love to hear what happened! Have a super half term break and thank you for your continued support. Mrs Arinze & Mrs Bevan

It's Snow Time! EYFS Photos
The children were very excited on arrival this morning finally........SNOW! We took full advantage and had super fun playing and making snow people. We dried off back in our classrooms with a few wake & shake songs to warm us back up again! Mrs Dwight always says Engagement, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm = Excellence...we definitely think so!

Fee Fie Foe Fum EYFS Fun!
Fee Fie Foe Fum we are having so much fun! Catch up on our first few weeks back in EYFS. We have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have sequenced the story, described the giant, planted magic beans in our individual greenhouses, and made new clothes for the giant using repeating patterns. We built castles in the sky, collaged beanstalks and measured the giant and ourselves! We have measured a range of objects using non-standard units including measuring with the giant’s smelly feet! We have ordered numbers and matched quantities of magic beans to the correct numerals as well as learning how to decompose numbers to ten. In funky fingers we have threaded golden harps and counted out quantities of beans using giant tweezers. In RE we have been thinking about the creation story and enjoyed a nature walk around the school grounds taking in the awe and wonder of God’s creation. We are enjoying our PE this term as we are now using the big apparatus! Please find our fantastic photos by clicking the gallery above and click on Fee Fie Foe Fum EYFS Fun!

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