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Photos EYFS Come & Count!
The children were thrilled when parents dropped by for our come & count sessions today. We had lots of fun and showed our parents the resources we use to support our counting and number work. Thank you parents we hope you found it useful.

Photos EYFS Harvest Creatures!
Reception have enjoyed reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables. The children used pastels to draw their favourite vegetables and then they created their our own fruit and vegetable creatures for Harvest. Just like Oliver some children tried something new and finished the week with a delicious mug of vegetable soup, yummy!

Photos Class RA Movement
In dance this week we listened to the story of The Enormous Turnip. We had great fun dancing and acting out the characters from the story. We collapsed in a fit of giggles as we tried to pull out the enormous turnip! Mrs Arinze is teaching us new relaxation techniques to calm down. To help with our breathing we had to smell the strawberry as we breath in through our noses and blow out the candle as we slowly breath out. Some of us even nodded off!

Photos Wk 24.9.18 in EYFS
Another exciting week in EYFS! The children have been introduced to 'Dough Disco' which helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands thus improving their pencil control and scissor skills. In computing we have been developing our mouse skills with a left click as we completed a simple paint program. As part of our marvellous me topic we investigated our senses with a senses walk, taste testing and investigating smell pots too.

Photos This Week in EYFS
This week the older and the younger children came together as a whole class. We managed to dodge the storms and high winds to set our rules for the outdoor classroom. The older children stayed for lunch and are learning the new lunchtime routines. Next week it is the turn of the younger children to stay for lunch

Tooth Fairy Visits EYFS!
Wow our new reception children were very excited to meet our local tooth fairy, wings and all! First Gemma led a parent meeting on healthy eating and gave advice on which foods are best to keep children's teeth in tip top condition. Gemma who is a Dental Practice Oral Health Educator from Archway Dental Practice then spent some time with the reception children who were surprised to learn that we should all brush our teeth before we eat breakfast! We then did a tooth brush challenge where the children were asked to brush their teeth for two minutes…..a very long time for four and five year olds! Thank you Gemma we found out lots of fascinating facts about dental hygiene.

Photos Class RA Class Worship
Now that our class are all in together we held our first class worship. We celebrated our differences and thought hard about what makes us special. We have now set our class rules so we did a big thumbs up to show that we agreed the rules together.

Daffodil Planting in Reception
Today we planted a variety of daffodil bulbs. Each one of us is a different kind of flower, and all together we make a beautiful garden. As we learn and grow together watch how we all blossom!

Photos of Class RB starting school
Our first week at school!!

Photos Reception Like to Move It!
Today the older children (& grown ups) enjoyed their very first dance session. We had great fun learning all about our own body rhythms!

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