Spring 1 Homework


Spring 1 Homework I can Statements.


Please copy each WALT (We Are Learning To) statement’ onto a new page per week. Please explore in any way how your child would like to present the following WALT statement.



Any comment from Parents/ School.


Wednesday 9th January (English)

WALT make a poster about London and it’s landmarks.





Wednesday 16th January (Maths)


WALT identify 2D and 3D shapes around my house.


(Draw or photograph)







Wednesday 23th January (R.E.)


WALT recognise a symbol of faith in my house.


WALT research and draw a symbol of faith.







Wednesday 30th January (Values)

WALT show the value of Courage.






Wednesday 6th February


WALT write suggestions for Paddington’s next adventure.


E.G I think Paddington should go to France.







Wednesday 13th February

Homework will be handed out for the half-term break and not be recorded in Homework books.