Yr 1 Phonic Screening Check Parent Information


                     Year 1 Parent Phonic Screening Check Information Sheet

This year the phonic screening check will take place during the week beginning 11th June 2018.

The screening check

  • Your child will spend a few minutes on an individual reading activity with their class teacher.
  • The check is designed not to be stressful for the child and we will approach the activity in a relaxed way, similar to phonics assessments we already undertake.
  • Some of the words will be familiar whilst others will be completely new.

The check will contain a mix of real words and ‘non-words’ (we call them alien words).  Your child will be told before the check that there will be ‘alien words’ that he or she might not have seen before.  The children will be familiar with this because we already use ‘alien words’ when we teach phonics.

Non-words are important to include because words such as ‘vap’ or ‘jound’ are new to all children.  Children cannot read the non-words by using their memory or vocabulary; they have to use their decoding skills.  This is a fair way to assess their ability to decode.

There are 40 words in the test.  Last year, to pass, children needed to read a minimum of 32 words correctly.

After the check

We will tell you about your child’s progress in phonics and how he/she has done in the screening check later in the summer term.  All children are individuals and develop at different rates. 

The screening check ensures that we can identify which children need extra help with phonic decoding and we will then put support in place where necessary.

The activity is presented in a fun and engaging way and we aim to keep the check relaxed and enjoyable for your child. 

How can you help

During reading, ensure children try to sound out phonetically decodeable words by themselves; don’t automatically give them the words.

Please practice the real words or alien words we are sending home.  The process is supposed to be an extension of our normal class work.  We will not be referring to the phonic check as a ‘test’.  Please help us by keeping routines normal during the week of the check.  Hopefully the children won’t even realise they have done it!

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to approach your class teacher.

Mrs Arinze, Mr Hynes & Mr Walsh

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