Year 2 Homework Help 06-11-18

Year 2 Homework Help 06-11-18

Mr Hynes would like to apologise for making a mistake with last week's Homework Help!

Last week's homework should have been to research a variety of different bird boxes and this week's homework should have been the Maths task I wrote a page for last week. I apologise for the confusion.

This week the children therefore have one of three options to pick from!

1) If they completed the Maths homework last week and have not yet attempted the Bird Box research, then they should attempt the Bird Box homework this week. (see Option 1 below)

2) If they completed the bird box research and did not do the Maths homework, then they should attempt the Maths homework this week. (see Option 2 below)

3) Some children completed both of these, in which case they have no homework for this week!

Once again, apologies for any confusion caused by this.

Option 1

Tuesday 23rd October – (D.T) – I can research a range of bird boxes noting what is similar and different in their designs.

Our DT project this half-term is to research, design and build a bird box.

For this homework task it would be great for the children to research bird boxes.

What can they find out about;

- the different shapes bird boxes may be

- the different materials that may be used

- the different birds that bird boxes are designed for (does that change the design?)

- the different places that bird boxes can be placed

- when during the year it is a good time for bird boxes to be put up

- when during the year is it a good time to clean the inside of a bird box

Below are some web addresses which may be useful;

RSPB website: 

BTO website:      


They can present this information as;

- a factsheet

- images of bird boxes with annotations around them explaining their features

- photographs of bird boxes from around the area they live

- any other imaginative way they can think of!


Option 2

Tuesday 6th November– (Numeracy) – WALT: Show addition and subtraction facts to 10 and 20 and 100 which follow the same pattern.

In Maths over the next few weeks we are thinking about addition and subtraction.

This week we have begun thinking about our bonds for 10 (10 + 0, 9 + 1, etc.) and the patterns they reveal for other additions. For example, if I know 5 + 5 = 10, then I can quickly work out that 15 + 5 = 20, also that if 5 + 5 = 10, then it follows that 50 + 50 = 100.

Below are some examples of ways in which we have been (and will be) exploring these ideas.

As we have begun with addition this week we have omly included addition facts here.

The most straightforward way to approcah this homework is to begin with a bond for 10 and then show a related fact for a bond for 20 and for 100. They don't need to use all the ideas below.

Thank you for your support with your child's homework.


Option 2