Year 2 Homework Help 08-01-19

Tuesday 8th January – (Topic) WALT To carry out a materials hunt around my house and sort them into groups of the same material.


This activity follows on perfectly from the children's Science activity on Monday afternoon.

This term we are investigating materials, what a material is, where we get materials from, different properties of materials, etc.

This activity is designed to get the children thinking about the different materials that they see around them every day.

They should collect a variety of items from around the home and then think carefully about what the iems are made from, e.g. 

  • metal.
  • plastic.
  • wood.
  • glass.
  • ceramics.
  • synthetic fibres.
  • composites (made from two or more materials combined together)

Obviously a loat of items will contain more than one material, so it may be easier to pick items that are purely or mainly made from one material. 

Taking photos or drawing examples would be a great way to record the activity.

The aim of the homework is to get the children really thinking about objects around them and the vocabulary involved when thinking about materials. is a useful link to videos on materials from the BBC.

Thanks again for your help with homework!