Year 4

Year 4 - Slimbridge re-visited
Year 4 joined the ducks and ducklings enjoying the rain at Slimbridge. The pond dipping produced a wealth of underwater creatures including leeches, water boatmen, rams horn snails and three spined sticklebacks. And of course the birds were very well fed with a bag of seed per child! To complete the day everyone had an extra helping of watery fun in Welly Boot Land.

Year 4 - 4P applied maths
4P put their practical maths skills into practice on a lovely sunny afternoon during Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Week.

Year 4-Summer Term
We will be looking for minibeasts and camouflaged creatures

Whole School Fire Safety Visit
Whole School Fire Safety Visit-click on gallery to see photos

Year 4 - Young Voices
Letter for parents

Year 4 - 4P are nature photographers
4P joined the rest of Phase 3, experiencing a nature photography lesson with wildlife photographer Ian Green.

Year 4 -Spring Term
Exploring Egypt