Year 4



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Summer Term Topic- Australia

Our new topic this term is 'Australia.' In Geography, we will learn about the Geographical features and in History sessions, we will find out about James Cook and his discoveries. Art work will be great fun as we will design and make our own boomerangs while also learning how to paint in the style of aboriginals.

We are going to start this topic by having an art day on the first Thursday of the new term.  We are hoping to close the topic by having a barbeque; fingers crossed for good weather, more details of this event to follow.

Your child's homework is to research any aspect of Australian culture, the history of Australia or Australian geography (a letter went out before the Easter holidays- hopefully you've received it). This needs to be brought into school by Tuesday 24th April. Homework can be presented in the form of a poster, booklet or it can be emailed to the school (Powerpoint or word documents).

Please remember to bring in PE kits for the first Monday back. Also continue to read and practise your times tables whenever you can- every little helps!

We hope you are all enjoying the Easter break and look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term! 

Miss Harding, Mrs Roseblade, Mrs Hathaway, Mrs Norman, Mrs Hill, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Howe and Mrs Cook.