Y5 - Iron Age to Roman Britain

Iron Age Britain                              Roman Britain


This term we will be learning about Britain during the Iron Age including the invasion of the Romans. 

Who were the Celts?

What was Britain like before the Romans arrived?

Why did the Romans come to Britain?

What impact did the Romans have on Britain?

Starting with all the different invasions that Britain has endured, we will then learn about the different Celtic tribes and think about what it would be like to be invaded. We will learn about how and why the Roman army was so successful, the Boudican rebellion and life in Roman Britain.


We will be designing our own Roman shields and clasps (for our cloaks).


We are looking at stories and poems from different cultures.


During the summer term we are playing cricket and rounders, then athletics. Please make sure you ALWAYS have your PE kit in school. Let's hope for some lovely sunny weather!