Year 6

Year 6 - tag rugby
I am pleased to be able to offer Years 5 and 6 the opportunity of a Tag Rugby Club at Hardwicke Academy

Year 6 Rubbish Rockets
Not really rubbish - in fact jolly good! All made from 'rubbish' from the Scrap store

Phase 4 Autumn term letter
Phase 4 Autumn term letter

Spring Term 2018 - Space- Where do we go from here?
Mrs Walpole's and Mrs Cheshire's year 6 class. We have to thank Galileo for presenting the theory that the Earth and other planets orbited the sun; using a telescope he constructed, he discovered four moons circling Jupiter. Where do we go from here is the question to be researched and answered this term.

Class 14C Timetable
14C timetable, PE and homework days

Class 15W Timetable
15W timetable and PE days