How do we support the transitions for pupils with SEND?

At Hardwicke Parochial Primary Academy we welcome all pupils including those with additional needs. We recognise how important it is for our pupils to be happy at school and transition arrangements are key to achieving this.

Starting in reception:

Pupils who are due to start reception and are identified by the pre-school as having SEND may require extra visits to school during the term before they start in order to ease the transition. This would be discussed with their parents and arranged as necessary depending on the pupil’s needs.

Transfering to a new school or secondary school:

When transferring to a different school or secondary school, the SENCo and class teacher will hand over all relevant information to the new school. They may arrange a meeting with the new staff (which could include parents/carers) to discuss pupils with SEND and may plan extra visits for the pupil as necessary.

Transfering to a new year group:

If a pupil has difficulties coping with changes or is anxious about moving into a new class, our staff will help them to prepare for those changes. They may plan extra visits to the new classroom/teacher and in some cases they may take photos to share with the pupil.