How will pupils and their parents/carers be involved in their education?

Who will be talking to and keeping in touch with the parent/carer?

The class teacher will discuss a pupil’s general progress during parent’s evenings. In addition to this a parent can speak to their child’s class teacher on a more regular basis if they are concerned. If a pupil has SEND and a plan is in place then the SENCo will also arrange to meet with the parents 3 times per year to discuss and review the plan. Parents are welcome to meet more regularly with the SENCo if they wish or the SENCo will contact the parents if necessary.

How will our school involve young people with SEND in their education.

Pupils are invited to the meetings with the SENCo  and parents to discuss their progress and views about the extra support that they are receiving.

How do we assess and evaluate the provision we have arranged for your child?

The class teacher, SENCo and other relevant teaching assistants will regularly discuss the effectiveness of the interventions and provision that is in place. They will look at the progress the pupil is making and aim to adjust the provision to meet the pupil’s needs. Interventions are monitored and evaluated by staff and adapted as necessary.