Sports for Schools Event 2017

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Hardwicke Whole School Fitness Activities. Sports for Schools Sponsored Event.
There was great excitement in school yesterday as the children undertook their whole school sponsored fitness challenge under the watchful eye of Dave and Liz.
Dave Abrutat
GB Hand Cyclist Dave Abrutat was involved in a serious road traffic accident just after completing his PhD in Animal Science at Bristol University in 2000. Despite breaking his back in 4 different places, he was competing at the National Veterans' Wheelchair games in New York just a year after his accident. He even won 5 gold medals and was later voted Yorkshire Disabled Sports Personality of the Year!
From being awarded the Commando Medal as the best recruit in the Royal Marines Reserve to winning 5 gold medals as a hand cyclist…Dave, your hard work is an inspiration to us all!
Parents please take a look at the Sports for Schools website with your child to see other amazing GB athletes who inspire children!

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