At Hardwicke Parochial Primary Academy we teach Christian values daily through interactions with adults and peers.  We believe that both spiritual and moral development is inherently linked.  We aim to ‘live out’ our core values alongside the ‘Roots and Fruits’ programme, which focuses on the twelve explicit values of compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship, generosity, justice, perseverance, respect, service, thankfulness, trust and truthfulness over a two year programme.  A new value is introduced each half term and this is then the whole school focus for Collective Worship and for each of our classroom reflection areas.

We recognise the importance of the home/school relationship to explore, nurture and live out these values in everyday life.  Please find our uploaded resources especially produced for parents to enable them to explore these Christian values together with their child(ren). It uses both Bible and secular stories alongside a range of fun, interactive and reflective activities catering for a variety of learning styles, stages of development and existing knowledge.

Terms 1-6 Sept 2018 - July 2019  Generosity,   Compassion,   Courage,   Forgiveness,   Friendship,   Respect

Terms 1-6 Sept 2019 - July 2020  Thankfulness,   Trust,   Perseverance,   Justice,   Service,   Truthfulness