Supporting pupils with additional needs at home

In the event of a whole school/partial closure, we hope that our best endeavours for Remote Learning for pupils with additional needs, will ensure that support and activities will be tailored to individual needs to prevent children falling further behind. 

Our aim is that, each pupil on the SEN register will be allocated a Teaching Assistant (TA) link to contact the pupil and their parents or carers on a weekly basis to check in and to offer support. For pupils with an Education, Health Care Plan, they will be contacted daily either by their Class teacher or their assigned additional adult. The purpose of this contact will be to check how they are doing emotionally, offer additional help with any tasks set, as well as tailored interventions if needed. 

We will also continue to offer individual and group interventions for pupils on the SEN register, which will be led by either the class teacher of teaching assistants. These interventions will be designed and planned by the class teacher, based on a comprehensive gap analysis from pupil's baseline and follow up assessments. 

Talk to your child about COVID-19

It’s important as a parent to talk to your child about what’s going on in the world and to allow them to ask questions. Keep up-to-date with government advice on how to protect yourself and others, and ensure you communicate the important messages to your child. Explain things simply, but be direct and honest.

Share feelings and worries

Encouraging your child to talk to you or another family member about how they are feeling can help them to manage stress and feel less anxious. Listening to them and acknowledging how they’re feeling is key.

Returning to school 
Your children may be feeling a mixture of emotions regarding the return to school. Some really excited to see their friends and teachers, others nervous and anxious. Children of any age can struggle to articulate how they’re feeling, but changes of behaviour may best he best indicator that they’re apprehensive about their return. You can support them in a number of ways, both emotionally and practically. Please visit this website for some ideas: Preparing for return to school
Some useful Social Stories are also attached below. These may be useful to read with your child, to offer reassurance and reminders about what school will look like. 
Useful resources 
Social Stories
Make your own Social Story and guidance 
Huge list of sensory activities, and general purpose planners to plan the day https://illinois-stay-at-home-kit-and-specialist-visual-planning-aids to print
If your child has sensory difficulties, here are some educational resources you can use at home from The Sensory Projects 
Audio stories free at Audible:
American titles read by celebrities and free on-demand: