Year 6

The children enjoyed wearing their PJs for Children in Need on Friday! 
Welcome Back!
Your Year 6 Team are:
Mrs Hathaway, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Walpole, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Mustoe.
You have all received the Return to School documents and hopefully these have answered any questions you may have had. Can we please remind you that all children should wear their PE kit to school on the day that they have PE timetabled. For 6HJ this is Friday and for 6W, Wednesday.
It has been a very strange few months, but at last we are getting back to some sort of "Normal". It has been lovely to see the children back, with all of their friends, in class. Of course, Year 6 is without a doubt the best Year in the school! Despite all of the Covid-Confusion, we anticipate SATs as usual next year, so will be working incredibly hard with the children: both to "catch-up" on any rusty knowledge and understanding and to cover all of the year 6 objectives. There will be a huge emphasis on Reading and Maths, but there will be lots more to enjoy and learn about.
In RE we will be asking some truly "BIG" questions. Our Key Question is "Are Creation and Science Conflicting or Complimentary?". Can scientists still have a belief in God? What was the "Big Bang"?
One of the world's greatest scientists, Albert Einstein, said:
Our topic this term is The Ancient Greeks. As geographers we will be exploring the country and where it is located: we will consider how the climate impacts on daily life and the diet. As historians we will consider some of the greatest triumphs of the Greek Empire and think about its "Legacy" - how we still benefit today from Greek inventions and ideas.
If you would like to look at some of the types of things we will be studying, there are lots of great websites available. Why not try:
In science we will be learning about Blood and Transportation. We will learn what blood is made of and look at the different blood groups. The children will be able to identify the human circulatory system and recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function - really good life skills.
What do you think?
If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to email them in - of course at the moment we cannot allow adults onto the school premises.
We hope that the term gets off to a super start and look forward to getting to know the children.
Best wishes,
The Year 6 Team.
here are the docs you need for 24.11.20
25.11.20 Docs in PDF format - hopefully easier to work with/access