Reception starters 2023 Story Session on Wednesday 21st June at 2.30p.m. -parents are welcome to stay for coffee. Reception starters 2023 New Parents Evening Wednesday 21st June at 6.00p.m. Reception starters Stay & Play session Wednesday 5th July 9.30 – 11.00a.m


Sportily is a place for everyone to try different sports, make new friends and explore what life is all about. So we do all sorts of sports and activities, some you’ll know, some you might not (heard of Kabaddi?), we hang out, we chat, we eat and we discover new things. What matters is we have a laugh while doing it.

Sportily operates a network of fun-loving sport and faith groups across Gloucestershire. In Hunts Grove and Hardwicke activities are run by Tim Fletcher and a team of local volunteers.

In Hardwicke Parochial Primary School, Sportily runs its innovate ActiveRE programme and delivers afterschool and holiday time multisport and specific sport clubs for anyone to join in with.

Take a look at activities happening in the local community...

We believe that being more active, like the Christian faith, can change your life forever. So we’re here to get you moving and show you that things are a lot more fun when we’re kicking, diving, riding, rolling, running and jumping around together.

To find out about all the activities taking place locally please see the Sportily website or contact