Sports Premium

Our Vision

To promote lifelong values in health and physical activity by providing enjoyable opportunities for all young people to participate in quality curriculum PE and school sport, whilst improving their self-confidence therefore allowing them to achieve their potential in all aspects of school and community life.

Sports Premium Funding

The government has provided funding of £150 million per annum since 2014/2015 to improve provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The current government have committed to this expenditure for their tenure.
In 2014 Prime Minister David Cameron committed to continue the funding for the Primary PE and Sports Premium until 2020. In July 2017 the DfE confirmed the doubling of the PE and Sports Premium this has been confirmed to continue.
This funding is ring-fenced which means it can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.
Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Our Principles

At Hardwicke Parochial Primary School we are passionate about sports and recognise the importance that physical activity has on children’s lives. We believe that a well organised and engaging sports curriculum helps children develop confidence and a sense of achievement, it teaches young children how to rise to a challenge, and nurtures the character and skills that will help them get on and succeed in life.

We aim to provide a positive and engaging experience in physical education at our school. The School Sport Premium will ensure that children are physically active and excited about ‘Sport’ at our School. As well as increasing fitness we hope that children will appreciate team work and a healthy lifestyle. This funding provides the foundations which will allow children to develop a sporting habit for life!

We will  use our sports premium money to:

  • Up-skill Teachers and Learning Support Assistants to improve the quality of sport lessons.

  • Invest in quality coaching.
  • Increase the amount of competitive sports that our children participate in.
  • Make links to other community sports providers.
  • Encourage children to improve their leadership skills through sport.
  • Offer more after-school clubs.
  • Introduce new and unusual sports 
  • Boost Change 4 life clubs, helping children help build a healthier lifestyle.
  • Give extra support to those children who are talented and also those children who have Special Educational Needs.