Year 4

Geography and Art topic - CHINA
The children will be studying atlases and discovering where they live in the United Kingdom and then compare the size of the UK with China.  We will review the continents and the seas learned during the spring term.  Apart from geographical position, we will study how land is used, specific landmarks and the climate.
There will be lots of exciting art activities to explore:
Decorating plates with their own design similar to the Willow pattern
Drawing and colouring dragons
The Great Wall of China
We will be using a range of medium to capture the mood and vivid colours.
This term we will be concentrating on Pentecost and how it was the beginning of the Christian church.  It is an exciting topic and children will have the opportunity to read about the event in the Bible and study a number of paintings which artists have created to depict the scene.  The children will be able to have a go too!
Welcome back after the Easter break.  The children will be starting a new title in both guided reading lessons and English for the first summer term.
4C - Guided Reading book  is Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver
4G- When Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth
4W- Moondial by Helen Cresswell.
The book we will be using for English is Clockwork by Philip Pullman.  The children will be writing character descriptions and revisiting dialogue as well as continued emphasis on sentence structure using relative clauses and fronted adverbials.