Year 4




We hope that you all enjoyed the Easter break and that everyone is looking forward to the final two terms in Year 4.

After Easter, the team will consist of Mr Pegg, Mrs Walpole, Mrs Workman, Miss Brice and Mrs Mustoe.  Our PPA day will be Thursday, when 4P will be lead by Mrs Hill and 4W by Mrs Bennett.

PE will be on WEDNESDAY. Can we please remind everyone of the school's expectations so far as PE kit is concerned. No logos (other than the school one!); PE shirts to reflect the child's House Colours; plain shorts/joggers





History  topic – The Ancient Greeks



We travel to Greece for our topic work this term. In Summer 1 we will look at the geography of Ancient Greece and the extent of its empire. The history focus will be on the daily life of the ancient Greeks as well as their legacy: the Olympic Games and Democracy to name just two amazing contributions to our modern lives. Our artwork will be recreating the cameos and figures seen on so much of the pottery artefacts that remain from the time.




In Summer 1 we will continue our focus on Christianity and the events that took place involving Jesus and his disciples after the crucifixion and resurrection. This will include the celebration of Pentecost. In Summer 2, the final unit for the year enables us to consider  'How and why  people (of different faiths)mark the significant events of life'. 


Our two SCIENCE units are "All Living Things and their Habitats" and " Animals including Humans". We will study the classification of invertebrates and vertebrates and discover the seven processes that all living things have in common. This will link nicely with our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park in June.




 During GUIDED READING 4W will study "Wolf Brother"  by Michelle Paver  whilst 4P will read "When the Mountains Roared" by Jess Butterworth. We will swap texts after half term. In English we return to narrative in Summer 1 based this time on Michael Morpurgo's "The Butterfly Lion" and the children will learn to write narrative from the perspective of different characters. We will also be doing "Big Writes" in the form of REPORTS and RECOUNTS linked to our science and  history and to our trip.


In MATHS we will be focusing on fractions and decimals together with more work on geometry and angles. The MTC test will be administered during the second week of June and  we continue to  encourage you to practise the tables with your children - every little helps. The children will be doing LOTS of practice on the iPads. A reminder that Times Table Rock Stars is still available: the children should all have their logins. If they have forgotten/mislaid them, please contact us.


 Also useful are the URBrainy site




and https://www.timestables.co.uk/multiplication-tables-check/


Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any further support with this, or if you have any other queries.