Year 6

Welcome to YR6!

Welcome to Year 6!

Week to week a few things remain the same within our class. Here is a breakdown of the important things parents/carers need to know on a day to day basis:

  • Year 6 homework will be set on a Monday. This will include key spellings, found on the statutory YR5/6 spelling list.
  • Reading at home is a real passion of ours. We would love all children within Year 6 to read 5 times per week to an adult outside of school. You can document this in the children’s yellow reading records, whereby we will keep a close eye (Monday-Monday) and any children fulfilling this task will be rewarded with a point towards their reading awards. 

The whole team, here in Year 6, are very much enjoying our year helping your child excel and reach their full potential and we continue to welcome any communication from you. As always, we will be available on the playground every day after school, or you can email (admin@hardwicke.gloucs.sch.uk) if needed. 

Kindest regards,
Miss Cook and Mrs Ferris

Our end of year performance is… ALADDIN! 
End of SATS Movie Morning! 
SATs Breakfast Club!
PSHE - Democracy - Mock Elections:
In PSHE, we have been learning about democracy, and had a go at running a class election. In groups, the poltical parties outlined their plans for the future, and we had a democratic vote to see who our new leaders would be! 
PE - Fun in the sun!
Summer term means one thing - hoping the weather stays nice for summer sports!
Year 6 have been brushing up on their cricket skills, and have had some very competitive games!
William Morris Inspired Printing
Y6 have been getting hands on with clay, creating their own William Morris inspired clay tiles. We used our tiles to print patterns and produced some wonderful pieces!
Rugby Celebrations!
We were very lucky to have Gloucester rugby visit this week, and bring in some very special silverware that they have been busy winning! The kids asked questions, and discussed day-to-day life at Gloucester Rugby!
Art - Making Clay Tiles
In art, we have studied Andy Warhol, and created some abstract interpretations of Andy Warhol. Then, in contract, we have studied William Morris, and have been creating our own clay tiles, ready to create a stamping design! 
Science - Sundials!
We have been continuing our science topic of light, and following our investigations on shadows, we made our own sun dials. Unfortunately, the British weather prevented us from using them on the day, but the children were able to discuss how they work, ready to trial at home!
RE - Dragon's Den!
In RE, we have been discussing how we can make 'Earth like Heaven', by focusing on key values of Christianity and how these can be incorporated into everyones lives, regardless of beliefs or backgrounds. 
The children worked in groups to design a charity concept, in a 'Dragon's Den' style situation, that would help individuals. The most well thought out concept idea got the Dragons' investment! 
Titanic Work!
Our writing journey this half-term has focused on the Titanic. We researched a passenger, and become them! Writing scene descriptions on our arrival at Southampton Dock, our experience on board in our classes, and an emotive diary entry recalling the fateful night! Thankfully, we all survived! 
World Book Day Fun!
In Science, we have been investigating light. We have looked at how light travels, shadows and the reflectivity of different materials! 
Art - Painting using monochorme 
We used monochrome, and marking making techniques, to replicate some desert landscapes! 
Steady Hand Games!
We combined our science knowledge of circuits, and our design and technology skills, to create these awesome games - they were very noisy! 
Se photos below! 
As part of our WW2 topic focus for Autumn term, YR6 visited GWSR for a WW2 experience day! The children dressed as evacuees, experienced an air raid, helped put out fires and even took a ride on a steam train - Miss Cook and Mrs Ferris even had to chase a German spy down the platform and arrested him! 
Please enjoy the photos below! 
Working hard!
SATs Week 2024: Monday 13 May to Thursday 16 May 2024
If you are looking for some easy SATs revision to do at home, below are some really quick arithmetic practise tasks, that the children do each day in maths! 
PC Murphy will visit us in school on several occasions.
She will be helping us to understand how to stay safe online!
PC Murphy has kindly shared with us her “Schoolbeat” leaflets based upon the topics of 'Online Relationships', 'Internet Safety' and 'Drugs and Peer Pressure' which we hope will given an overview of the sessions we have been involved in. In addition to this, she has also provided us with an Instagram and other apps guide, detailing how to set privacy and safety settings.
You will also see two videos below, which the children will watch in school, relating to drug awareness and peer pressure.