This page holds all our school policies in alphabetical order. All other policies are available upon request. All the documents on this page are in PDF format, paper copies are available on request, please email admin@hardwicke.gloucs.sch.uk
accessibility-plan 2023-2024.pdf
Admission Policy 20232024 Final.pdf
Admission Policy 2024/2025 .pdf
Admission Policy 2025/26.pdf
Allergen and Anaphylaxis Policy June 2023.HPPA.pdf
Anti-bullying Policy RD2022_FINAL100820.pdf
CapabilityPolicyRDNov2024 FINAL.DGAT.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy December 2022 FINAL (1).pdf
Complaints Policy_FINAL (1)DGAT.pdf
ConductPolicyRDJanury 2025 (1)DGAT.pdf
Conflicts of Interest Policy _FINAL.24062022 DGAT.pdf
CPDL Policy August 2021_Final.pdf
Data Protection Policy 2022 FINAL.pdf
ECT Policy FINALDGAT09012023.pdf
Equal Opportunities Policy Final.DGAT.pdf
EYFS POLICY Hardwicke 2022..pdf
Finance Policy_ DGAT RD September 2023 (1).pdf
First Aid Policy (1)DGAT-HWPPS.pdf
Freedom of Information Policy FINAL DGAT.pdf
GrievancePolicyRDNov25 FINAL22022023DGAT.pdf
Health and Safety Policy 2023 FINAL.pdf
Intimate Care Policy RD May 2023 FINALDGAT.pdf
Lettings Policy RD Sept 2021_Final HA1.pdf
Performance Management Policy RD August 2023 DGAT.pdf
Policy for children with medical needs who cannot attend school.pdf
Pupil Attendance and Absence Policy Jan.24.docx.pdf
Relationships and Health Education Policy FINAL (1) DGAT.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 23 FINAL20230818 Draft update.pdf
Safer Recruitment Policy August 2023 Final DRAFT DGAT.pdf
SEND policy 2023-2024.pdf
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions DGAT.pdf
Volunteer Policy 2023.pdf
Whistleblowing Policy_Final RD July 2024 DGAT.pdf
Worship Policy 2022-2023..pdf