Offer of Early Help

Early Help is about providing support to potentially vulnerable children, young people and their families as soon as problems begin to emerge, or when there is a strong likelihood that problems will start in the future. It is also about providing support at any and every stage of a child’s life: pre-birth, during pregnancy, childhood or adolescence.
Children, young people and families with additional needs will be supported through the use of the Graduated Pathway of Early Help and Support.

The Early Help practitioners include:

  • Early Help Co-ordinators who provide support for practitioners who are working with children and families to meet their needs through the Graduated Pathway
  • Community Social Workers work with organisations to provide a social work perspective on families they are supporting. This supports practitioners to ensure families receive the right level of support and act as a link between Children’s Social Care and the community
  • Early Help Partnership Managers support partnership work between organisations in communities to support the development of resources available to children and families. They attend District Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to make sure there is a focus on Early Help for vulnerable families alongside wider community safety concerns.
The Family Information Service (FIS) provides a wide range of advice on things such as family support, education, childcare and activities. There is a directory website for local services www.glosfamiliesdirectory where you will find both local and national support agency information.
Please click on the link to access information about Early Help in Gloucestershire and our offer of Early Help at Hardwicke Parochial Primary School