Year 2

A very warm welcome to our new Year 2s. Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing Summer break for everyone. We can’t wait to hear all about what you got up to during your time off!

Autumn Term Topic

Our topic until Christmas is ‘A Dragon’s Dilemma’ where we will be studying castles, knights, the traditional role of the monarchy and ‘The Great Fire of London’. Please take a look at our topic web below to see what we will be learning this term in more detail. Do continue to check our Year 2 website page for photos and updates of our exciting learning journey!

Reading in Year 2

In Year 2 your child will be bringing home 2 or 3 new reading books once a week which will then be changed on a set day each week. We aim to listen to your child read at least twice a week (through Guided Reading sessions and listening to them on a one to one basis) so please can you make sure your reading books are brought into school every day to enable us to do so. Your child must read at home at least five times a week to earn a reading point, but we recommend reading each day. Please record that you have done so in their yellow reading record to evidence this. Many children in Year 2 are close to receiving their first reading award (a book mark and certificate) and some are even working their way towards their bronze reading badge!

PE this term

This term P.E. will take place on a _____tbc_____ afternoon. Up until October half term we will be doing Rugby skills outside. Please bring your child to school in full P.E. kit on ___tbc______, appropriately dressed for the season. At Hardwicke, even on P.E. day we like the children to represent our school smartly and so please wear black/navy shorts or joggers, a plain t-shirt or polo-shirt in your house colour and a blue school jumper or school hoody. (pink or cargo is not PE uniform!)

Items to bring in to school

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school at all times and a named sun hat when it is warm. Once the weather changes a pair of named wellies will need to stay in school too. Please make sure all items are named (especially jumpers and coats). It is impossible to return unnamed items to their rightful owners! We had a lot of unnamed and thus unclaimed clothing last year.

Please also note that toys and belongings from home brought into school often get lost or broken which causes upset to the children so please refrain from allowing your child to bring in toys from home.

Fruit and Milk

Your child will be offered fresh fruit/veg every day at break/snack time. This is free of charge. You also have the option to order a daily carton of milk for your child via the website.

Thank you for your cooperation and support! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes, 

The Year 2 team - Mrs Stancombe and Mrs Begum

Topic Launch

What an exciting first week we had in Year 2! A dragon came to visit our school and is setting us challenges to complete. We need to earn keys to unlock a king from an evil spell and then he will throw us a royal banquet. So far to earn keys we have: - designed and made a new throne for the king on our DT day, learnt about castles and how they were defended and what a poignant time it was to look in detail at some significant monarchs from history. Mrs Begum and Mrs Stancombe are very proud of how all the children have settled in to Year 2. They really are shining in all that they do!