Year 2

A very warm welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing Summer break for everyone. We can’t wait to hear all about what you got up to during your time off!

Our Topic in Autumn Term

Our topic is ‘A Dragon’s Dilemma’ where we will be studying castles, knights and the traditional role of the monarchy. Please take a look at our topic web below to see more of what we will be learning this term and keep checking this page for more updates and photos on our learning!

Reading in Year 2

As usual your child will be bringing home new reading books once a week which will then be changed weekly. We aim to listen to your child read at least twice a week (through Guided Reading sessions and listening to them on a one to one basis) so please can you make sure your reading books are brought into school every day to enable us to do so. Your child must read at home at least five times a week to earn a reading point. Please record that you have done so in their yellow reading record to evidence this. Many children in Year 2 are close to receiving their first reading award (a book mark and certificate) and some are even working their way towards their bronze reading badge!

PE this term

This term P.E. will take place on a Thursday morning. Up until half term we will be doing gymnastics in the hall. Please bring your child to school in full P.E. kit on Thursdays, appropriately dressed for the season. The children will wear their kit all day so no need for a change of clothes.

Items to bring in to school

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school at all times and a named sun hat. Once the weather changes a pair of named wellies will need to stay in school too. Please make sure all items are named (especially jumpers) as unnamed items cannot be returned to their rightful owners. We had a lot of unnamed and thus unclaimed jumpers last year. Please also ensure that toys and belongings from home are not brought into school as these often get lost or broken which causes upset to the children.

Thank you for your cooperation and support! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,

The Year 2 team (Mrs Stancombe, Mr Gray, Mrs Gough and Mrs Mustoe)

Our first day in Year 2

On Monday morning we had a strange burnt parcel delivered to our playground in Year 2!

It was covered in ash and surrounded by dragon footprints! It held a story book and a letter from a medieval king. He is locked in his castle turret with his kingdom put under a wicked spell. He only has his trusted dragon, Spike, to deliver him food and messages. The Year 2s will have to solve problems and earn keys in each topic lesson to unlock King Harold. He says he will throw us a medieval banquet if we unlock the spell before Christmas!

RE topic: Who is Muslim and How do they live?

Today Mrs Janath and Miss Khan came in to help us learn about the second pillar of Islam: Salah. This is the daily prayers Muslims do five times a day. First we washed in a specific way Muslims do to make sure Muslims are clean for prayer. This is called Wudu. Then we found where Mecca was so we could face Mecca to pray.

Miss Khan showed us her prayer mat and showed us how Muslims pray to Allah by putting their feet, knees, hands and forehead on the mat to show they humble themselves before Allah.

Wednesday 29th September
Today PCSO Rachel and some of her friends came to visit us to help keep us safe online! The children all listened really well and had some great questions for the Community Support Officers.
School Trip to Berkeley Castle
We had a fantastic time at Berkeley Castle! We learnt so much and had fun too!