Year 4




We hope that you all had a lovely summer holiday and that the children have been looking forward to coming back to school!


This term, our PE day will be WEDNESDAY and the children should please come into school wearing their PE kit, as they have done during recent months. Our PE sessions will focus on rugby and we hope the weather will continue to be kind.  Our PPA time this term is on Tuesday afternoon, when the classes will be taught and looked after by Mrs Evans and Miss Bennett.




History and Geography topic – Mountains and Rivers/Ancient Rome and Roman Britain


We will begin by studying some important aspects of the geography of the United Kingdom, and focus on our major rivers and mountain ranges. After half term, the focus will shift to history. The history of Gloucester is inextricably linked with that of Rome and we will be looking in detail at the impact of the Roman invasion on our country and our city. We will also learn about the founding of Rome and how its Empire became so successful. This will mean looking at the history and geography of the Empire.




What is the ‘Trinity’ and why is it important for Christians?

We will look at the symbolism associated with the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan and consider the importance of the “Trinity”.  The children will begin to draw comparisons and similarities between important stages in the lives of people of different faiths.




Tying in with our study of rivers in geography, we will learn about the Water Cycle as part of our science unit on States of Matter. The children will be taught the differences between solids, liquids and gases – and will act out the parts of different molecules!


During GUIDED READING 4Wr will study "Letters from a Lighthouse” whilst 4Wa will read "High Rise Mystery". We will swap texts after the half term break. Both classes will use another great book, "Why the Whales Came"(by Michael Morpurgo) - as a focus and model for their writing.


In MATHS we will be focusing on Place Value in the first few weeks back. However, the time of the statutory Y4 Times Tables Challenge is drawing near! The tests will be administered during the first two weeks of Summer 2 and the children will be doing LOTS of practice. A reminder that Times Table Rock Stars is still available: the children should all have their logins from last year. If they have forgotten/mislaid them, please contact us.


 Also useful are the URBrainy site




Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any further support with this, or if you have any other queries.