Year 4

History,Geography and Art topic - Ancient Greece
The children will be studying atlases and discovering where they live in the United Kingdom and then learn to locate other European countries - including Greece.  We will study the landscape and climate of Greece and learn why it is such a fabulous holiday destination!
Delving back into history we will discover when the Ancient Greek civilisation was at its peak, and think about the many legacies that we still benefit from today: modern medicine and democracy to name but two.
There will be lots of exciting art activities to explore: to begin with we will look at Greek architecture and the children will create their own landscapes with temples included. Then they will learn to draw cameos and decorate plates with Greek designs. In Autumn 2 we hope to be able to extend this by making and firing clay vases or urns and similarly decorating them.
This term we will be focusing on The Trinity and its importance to Christians. We will also study the Gospels and see how they  help to tell the big story of the Bible . Baptism and the use of symbols such as the Dove and water will feature strongly and we will continue with the daily Prayer life of the school that the children are so familiar with.
Pin on Baptism
It's all about electricity - in a safe way. How are circuits made? Why are switches important? What devices rely on electricity and how are they made safe to use?
During Guided Reading 4Wr will study "Letters from the Lighthouse" whilst 4Wa will read "High Rise Mystery". Both classes will use Michael Morpurgo's wonderful book "Why the Whales Came" as a focus and model for their writing. 
It is SO important that the children continue to read as much as they possibly can. The Reading Challenge continues and each class will nominate their Reader of the Week for a certificate: enthusiasm and "having a go" are what is required.
Our first area of study in MATHS is Place Value but we will be focusing on Times Table knowledge throughout the year - the target being for ALL children to know ALL tables (to 12) and to be able to recall them quickly and accurately. 
AUTUMN 2021:
We are a new team this year and are all looking forward to getting to know the children (or, in Miss Wright's case, getting to know them even better!). We have a super new curriculum to inspire us all, but will, of course, continue to concentrate on the core essentials of Reading, Writing and Maths.
It will be marvellous to be "Back to Normal". We will be able to enjoy whole-school activities such as Worship and dining together. We will still observe strict hygeine rules though, with a focus on hand sanitation. 
Our PE day will be Wednesday and the children should please come into school wearing their PE kit, as they have done during recent months. For the first half term we are lucky enough to have the coaches from Montague Academy to teach the children. Wednesday afternoon is also our PPA time and, when not doing PE, the children are lucky enough to have the fabulous Mrs Hill to cover the class. I will continue to have management time on Tuesday mornings and the class will be looked after then by Mrs Colabella, whom many of the children already know.
Please look at the rest of our page to see details of some of the exciting subjects the children will be learning about.
Best wishes,
Mrs Walpole, Miss Wright, Mrs Barr, Mrs Colabella and Mrs Hill
Please see attached timetable