Year 4

A Warm Welcome Back from Year 4
You have all received the Return to School documents and hopefully these have answered any questions you may have had.  Can we please remind you that all children should wear their PE kit to school on the day that they have PE timetabled.  Year 4 will have PE on Thursday each week.  We will endeavour to take the children out for activities as much as possible: jogging bottoms and fleeces (plain colours) should be worn if cooler weather is forecast.
Despite the uncertainty surrounding the last few months, the children have returned to school with renewed enthusiasm and excitement.  There will be a huge emphasis on reading and maths this year so it is vital that children continue to read at home and practise times tables in readiness for the National Test in May.  In Maths, we will be concentrating on place value, adding and subtracting negative numbers and comparing values up to 4 digits.  There has been time allocated during the week to consolidate and teach anything that should have been taught after March this year.  
The children will be doing a lot of reading.  The focus book for guided reading each day is 'Letters from the Lighthouse'; Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo is the focus book in English lessons - this book will help children with their writing and grammar and punctuation.
Apart from the fun lessons in Maths and English, we will also be enjoying learning about Gloucester in the past in History and making circuits in Science.  There's such a lot going on this term!
How Gloucester has changed through the ages will be the focus for History this term.  The children will be looking at the different buildings in the city and how different civilisations have influenced the architecture and layout of the city.  They will be researching the docks and why the Victorians built the canal.  The children will be detectives and study old photos to determine where they were taken.
Have a go with this one!
The children will be finding out why The Trinity is so important to Christians and what is meant by Three in One.  They will get the opportunity to practise finding readings in the Bible by using references and watching short clips that will help and engage in a difficult concept.
There are lots of fun activities planned for art this term.  Children will learn how to create Victorian style portrait silhouettes; practise different techniques in sketching and shading and producing their own canal art, similar to that found on the boats in Gloucester Docks.
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office or email the school and your message will be passed on to the relevant teacher.