Year 3

A Warm Welcome Back from Year 3
Our Y3 Team is:
Miss Hosking; Mrs Wintle; Mrs Cheshire; Mrs Hill
We hope you have all had a marvellous summer holiday and the children are looking forward to starting school again.  Things will look very different from when they left in July.  They will find that playtimes will be shared with children from other year groups and daily worship in the hall is back. 
In the classroom, there will continue to be an emphasis on reading and maths so it is extremely important that children read at home on a daily basis and practise times tables: children should be able to recall facts from times tables up to and including the the twelves by the end of the year.  Apart from English and Maths , there are so many other curriculum subjects on the time table this year.
Guided Reading: Each class in year 3 focus on a different book each half term.  
3C - Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo
3H - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
Religious Education: 
PE: Montague Sport will be in on Tuesday afternoon.  Children should come to school wearing their PE kit as they did last year.
Art: Stone and Iron age art activities
Science:Rocks and fossils
History:Stone and Iron Age
Rocks and fossils
Children will be able to use magnifying glasses to study a variety of rocks carefully.  What do fossils do to explain about the history of our world?  What was the best type of rock to use for Stone Age tools? Why is some rock better than others to search for fossils?
RE: What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?
We will study the story in the Bible in more detail and consider which things are amazing in the world.  How can we look after it and maintain its beauty?